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At Lone Star Pro Flow, we know duct cleaning. We have a combined 25+ years of experience helping families and businesses eliminate dirt, lint, dander, fuzz, and filth from HVAC ducts to dryer ducts. We know where it lurks and it cannot hide from our team of pros!


Get cleaner air, reduce the strain on your air conditioning system, and save on energy bills when you have a clean HVAC duct system from Lone Star Pro Flow.


Stop re-running your dryer to get your clothes completely dry. Our dryer duct and vent cleaning service eliminates the dirt, lint, and debris from your laundry vent system.


We're proud to serve the Dallas area and help your family or business breathe easier with clean ductwork and vents. We always show up prepared to complete the job!

About Lone Star Pro Flow Duct & Vent Cleaning Service

We proudly offer professional Air Duct Cleaning and Dryer Vent & Duct Cleaning services across a wide range of areas, including Dallas, Garland, Irving, McKinney, Denton, Sherman, and their neighboring communities. Our air duct cleaning service is designed to ensure the safety and efficiency of both residential and commercial HVAC systems. We prioritize your peace of mind by using gentle cleaning methods that don’t involve harsh chemicals or put stress on your duct and air systems.

Have you recently noticed that your dryer isn’t performing as it should? Perhaps it’s not drying your laundry completely or taking longer than usual to finish a cycle. These issues can often be attributed to clogged ducts or blocked vents. But worry not, because Lone Star Pro Flow is here to help! With our comprehensive cleaning service, your dryer will regain its efficiency, consume less energy, and even extend its overall lifespan. Not only does this mean lower electricity bills, but it also helps safeguard your home from potential damage.

Remember, lint happens, but it’s our expertise that makes it disappear! Don’t hesitate—give us a call today and let us take care of your air duct and dryer vent cleaning needs!

Locally-Owned & Operated in Celina, TX

Presto! Lint is gone! It’s not magic. It’s what we do at Lone Star Pro Flow.

Why Choose Lone Star Pro Flow?

We pride ourselves on being the most respectful, reputable HVAC Duct Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning service in the Dallas area. Our EPA-Certified, highly-qualified team, has a combined 25 years of experience. Lone Star Pro Flow is an insured, Texas-owned company. Our friendly Check out our customer testimonials and 5-Star reviews!